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Right now, I really need a hard, rough ride, passionate love.  I can't remove these images in my head, wet and wild and burning. ahhh! can someone tell me what's happening to me?  You can be friendly.  This is my first time to feel this for days now and this moment is the most craving moment.  I don't know if this is still normal or if I have something wrong crawling in me.  I am married for a decade now and I have a good and faithful husband. No problem there.  The problem is I can't tell him I have been feeling this for days now.

Any friendly comments r advice out there? 

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Posted on 03:04PM on Oct 30th, 2012
your mid age it mabe your hormones are wonting more than your getting,,,talk to your hubby and chang your sex life to what satisfies you sexualy,,,,,buy some sex toys ,,,get your hubby involved,,,
Posted on 03:13PM on Oct 30th, 2012
Maybe you need a FWB to help in those moments.
Posted on 03:15PM on Oct 30th, 2012
Yeah, maybe I'll try talking to him about it but I just don't have the guts yet. I'm afraid of how he would react.
Posted on 03:16PM on Oct 30th, 2012
What is FWB? I can't figure it out. Sorry...but I want to know...?
Posted on 03:25PM on Oct 30th, 2012
you bring it up when your having sex,,it might just turn hin on, i was trying to send you a private message but you have your mature setting on,,
Posted on 03:40PM on Oct 30th, 2012
oh, i've only been here for an hour and I am trying to know things yet in here ... :)
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